Using Inbound Links To Get The Attention Of The Search Engines

Using Inbound Links To Get The Attention Of The Search Engines

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One way links will be one of the main keys for you to get traffic coming from the search engines. You’ll find there are two kinds of one way links, the ones that help your search engine rankings and those that are a waste of your time. As an example, just one link that you build on some site may end up giving your website a lot of juice from the major search engines. On the other side of the coin you may also build one way links that the search engines will simply ignore. Right here you are going to figure out how to build good links and how to stay away from building links that don’t help.

One of the first good ways to start building your one way links is through the use of online directories. One way links from directories are good links in the search engines eyes, although some web directories are a lot better than others. For instance you will discover that DMOZ and Yahoo directories are actually much more powerful than some other online web directories. Becoming listed in them provides your site with a better rank in the search engines. Of course do not stop there as there are 1000s of website directories you can submit your website to.

Another great way to construct some good quality backlinks is to use article submissions. You can find article directories online that permit you to submit articles you have written to have them posted on their site. You are permitted to incorporate a couple of inbound links in the resource box pointing back to your website. Simply because article directories have a lot of content search engines usually consider them to be an authority website, which means this technique can really help.

Lots of people also take these articles and attempt to get them posted on various other websites like blogs. You can do this by using one of two techniques. The 1st technique is to contact individuals who have blogs which are centered around your niche and ask these individuals if they would publish your articles on their site. Needless to say this can take a lot of time especially if your trying to get published on 100 blogs. Your second choice is to become a member of an article distribution program that can post your articles on blogs automatically. One thing you should know about these kinds of programs is that there is always a monthly cost to have this completed for you.

Now when it comes to bad backlinking strategies, we are talking about submitting your website to free for all sites, otherwise known as ffa sites. The search engines hate these sorts of websites and you could hurt your ranking, also you will not even obtain any direct traffic from publishing your links on these sites. And of course as soon as you post your inbound links on these sites you will end up with an awful lot of emails from the owners of the websites.

These are generally some one way link building strategies you really should stick to. When backlinking is done correctly you will discover that your search engine ranking and your traffic levels will both increase, as long as you are not using any spammy strategies.

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